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A LED screen for rent
for only 15000 roubles per day?
For real?

With a size of 3×2 meters and 3.12 mm pitch,
it renders high contrast, seamless and vivid images, and is totally noiseless.
We present:

The advantages of LEDINT Star

High resolution

The distance between individual pixels of this screen
is only 3.12 mm. Thanks to this, Star can be set up as close
as 4 meters to your audience.

Bright, vibrant colors

LEDINT Star's maximum brightness capability is 1200 nit, which is 10 times (!) brighter than an average computer display. And because every single pixel of Star emits light, its colors look very vivid and saturated.

Wide viewing angle

Other displays

To increase contrast of screens many manufacturers use special grid (called mask), which blocks light from adjacent LEDs. The downside of this solution is that when looked at at a certain angle, the image seems to be covered with dark spots.

LEDINT Star is free from this defect because of its unique gridless design. Instead, a special technology of blackening the areas between LEDs is used which allows avoiding dark spots at viewing angles of up to 160 degress. That means your presentation will look as good to everyone!


By design, Star is a set of 24 square modules (called cabinets) that can be attached to each other like lego blocks. That allows to adjust the form of the display the way you want it, and even separate it into two independent screens!

Easy setup

Star can be connected to any Mac or PC by either DVI or HDMI cable. As for power, a regular outlet of 220V will suffice. The display consumes less than 1.7kWt of energy when set to 50% brightness (which is optimal for indoor locations).

Fanless design

Thanks to its well-designed circuits and quality electronic components Star does not heat up during operation and thus doesn't require fans to be cooled down. There will be absolutely no annoying noise in the background!


Pixel pitch3.12 mm (0.123 in)
Overall dimensions (6×4 cabinets assembly)3×2 m (9.8×6.6 ft)
Total area6 m2 (7.1 yd2)
Depth9 cm (3.5 in)
Number of modules (cabinets)24
Size and resolution of a single cabinet50×50 cm (1.6×1.6 ft) / 160×160 px
Total resolution (6×4 cabinets assembly)960×640 px
Weight32 kg per m2 (60 lb per yd2)
Maximum brightness1200 nit
Viewing angle160°
Minimum comfortable viewing distance4 m (13 ft)
Average power consumption (50% brightness)1.6 kWt

Why does it make sense to rent from LEDINT?

You get the full service. We will deliver, asseble and set up the display for you. Our engineer will be there monitoring possible problems and providing technical assistance in case you happen to need it.

Also, we provide you with advice on how to prepare, adapt and demonstrate your presentations on the screen. There's also a creative/production agency at our disposal, as well as a set of sound equipment.

Great customer care and low prices – at LEDINT you get both!

Rental conditions

  • LEDINT Star usage is limited to Moscow and Moscow Area
  • Rental price per day: 15000 roubles
  • Delivery, assembly and setup (one-time payment): 40000 roubles
  • Technical support on location: free (up to 8 hours during time interval of 09:00-21:00)
  • Star is installed by hanging and requires a capable ceiling construction

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